Monday canvas

sunny day
Sunny day, John Lyons (oil on canvas)

Monday canvas

Air moves in arabesques
           time in hot pursuit
a centrifugal force that runs
           through the blood
Possibilities are endless
           in this life-phase
in the rising fall of love-tides
           in which doors are binary
windows looking glasses
           dreams itinerant

Swirls of colour
           on the canvas
but soon the leaves
           will settle
Today the sun rose
           higher than ever
it stopped the fox
           in its tracks
it changed the tune
           of every bird
as its warm breath
           passed over the land

Breakers on the seashore
           ruffle the pebbles
and suck at the sand :
           there’s always more work
to be done and more love
           to be made

John Lyons

Revised text


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