Remembering Tralee

map of the world
Early map of the world, John Lyons (40 x 40 cm oil on canvas)

Remembering Tralee

My mother was born
           in the shadow of mountains
her old bones long since
           laid to rest
I know the place
           the house the houses
where she was a girl
           I know the school
I know the shoreline
           where she would go
in the summer to bathe
           and walk along the beach

My bones
           out of her bones
have grown old too
           but my muscles retain
their youthful vigour
           I know many things
and yet am ignorant
           of so much more

Perhaps I long to return
           to that place
in the shadow of mountains
           where calm waters
run down to the sea
           Perhaps is a word
I have used too often
           in my life perhaps

John Lyons



2 thoughts on “Remembering Tralee

  1. Yes a real Rose of Tralee , a gracious and beautiful woman from which this poet and artist came .


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