A kind of Thanksgiving

We are into winter
       and it’s early morning
and in the distance
       there is sunlight
on the trees reflected
       in the leaves that remain
of copper and gold parchment
       soon to fall

I wonder about photosynthesis
       in the winter months
and what sense the trees
       make of their seasonal loss

This morning too
       I observed a cat sitting
on a ledge beside a light-
       coloured wooden fence –
the cat was adjusting its posture
       by studying the clear silhouette
of its shadow on the smooth slats
       posing for my photo shoot

It’s the integrity
       of the natural world
that I love – how one thing
       feeds inevitably into the other
the joined–up writing
       that underlies the script
behind the universe in which
       love is the fundamental law

John Lyons


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