Lear and his daughters

30 x 24_King Lear
                     King Lear, John Lyons (24 x 30 cm, oil on canvas)

A method to the madness
         an underlying grid a pattern
an old canvas pitted with pigment
         swathed in buff titanium
upon which a trellis of cadmium red
         and finally gentle strokes of the brush
to deposit patches of burnt umber
         ashes to ash applied

Out of the earth Lear and his daughters
         and the love that each has or has not
a stage for the passage of time
         for a shift in the power of prevailing winds
Choices choices as the blood circulates
        as the words vanish along with their breath
into thin air : the play is always the thing
         the capture of colour under the fading light

When I was a boy I would have sold
         my kingdom for a horse for a pony
to carry me off into the sunset
         Now age has mottled my skin
and confined me to local horizons
         under a heavy head of silver hair
I gather my dust and count
         the few blessings that remain
: on my lips the tempestuous taste of real love
         as in Spitalfields where the final curtain fell

John Lyons

Out of the daily bustle

ChristChurch Spitalfields
Christ Church, Spitalfields

Out of the daily bustle

As Rauschenberg said
           there’s no escape
from dimensions
           we’re in it up to our eyes
and so to Christ Church
           in Spitalfields
on Commercial Street
           Hawksmoor’s cavernous
East End gem
           beautifully restored

Here where Handel
           once played the organ
there is time to pause
           to breathe in the silence
and to ponder the purpose
           of human endeavour
and to marvel at the art
           that feeds the soul
as nothing else can
           nothing else needed

John Lyons