Another thought on Tancredi

Another thought on Tancredi

It’s burlesque
           a light show
everything you want to see
           before your very eyes
but hidden behind the flourish
           of coloured fans
painting is about nudity
the laying bare
           of physical perception
its beauty lies in its truth
           how the light unravels
as the knots of the spectrum
           are untied and the gown
of discretion slips
           to the floor

painters pore
           over their canvases
drooling fingertips delighting
           in the rough textures
and smooth lines—
           it turns them on :
beneath the pigments
            the breasts buttocks thighs
and a desire to penetrate
           to have knowledge
of the flesh and blood
           Tancredi’s composition
is an enticing tease
           that no retina can resist

John Lyons

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