Indelible ink

Indelible ink

Line tone and colour
           what my art is about
shapes that dance
           on the canvas
and that incite the eye
           to dance

colours like words
           have their character
cannot be faked
           hence the expression
true colours
           hence the expression
true love
           love that cannot be faked

no pretence
           no deception
love writ
           in indelible ink
love that binds
           in a permanent bond

under the Brandenberg
           crossing the Rialto
strolling through the Tuileries
           or crossing Maidan Square
that’s the shape of it
           and it cannot be faked

John Lyons


What the shoes show


What the shoes show

This is Paris
           just before Bastille Day
in the flat where we stayed
           and these are our shoes
parked together at night
           my boots dusty
from our walk through
           the Jardins des Tuileries

This was the day you took me
           for a martini at the Ritz
the day we visited
           the Fondation Louis Vuitton
with its spectacular waterfall
           the day we rode the Ferris wheel
and I photographed you
           in your floral print dress
and we held hands
           and we were in love

John Lyons

Revised and corrected