An answer to some questions

An answer to some questions

What dream came with you
         what dream lies before you
what words have paved
         your path through the years
what promises made
         what promises unbroken
what flowers bestowed
         and which ones withheld
what questions answered
         and which ones remain
Will love live at last
         forever and a day

Lives written
         not in the stars
but in the intimacy
         of the moment
Her hair her lips her eyes
         the air displaced by her beauty
her bold stride through the day
         the decision within her words
her gestures that dispense
         hope and consolation and love
         to the very core

What of the rose ?
         The rose withers and dies
its beauty is brief
         and it leaves no trace
Others hold the key
         to lasting beauty
others the key to truth

She lives in the moment
         that transcends the moment
little is left to be desired
         other than to be
her companion

John Lyons

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