There is a sea

There is a sea

There is a sea
         an ocean between us
air miles and nautical miles
         it all adds up to distance
You walk along the shore
         look out across the calm waves
and I am entirely landlocked

Your night falls
         slowly simply
you are tired
         and you need your rest
perhaps there is a drizzle
         though here we had sleet
people huddled in their coats
         tied scarves around their necks
wondered at the lack of spring
         in springtime

At daybreak
         you will look out
across a deserted beach
         and in the silence
you will hear the gulls
         their timeless chatter
such a comfort to you
         You will think of me
and I will think of you
         and you will think
of all the necessary tasks
         you need to complete
before you can return

Yes there is distance
         but it is only physical
emotionally we sleep
         beneath the same stars :
the trace of your body
         upon mine of mine
upon yours is indelible
         and soon you will be home

John Lyons



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