Burnt stars

Burnt stars

Burnt stars in the heavens
           and cosmic dust falling
through the universe :
           it’s on our streets
and on our roofs
           this debris
from the dawn of creation
           and in our hearts
there is ambition
           for love and for success

/ to be measured
           on what scale ? /

Desire has us
           all of a fever
and yet we know how soon
           the liquid hours will pass
each day is a flicker
           each night a fading flower
and summer soon elapses
           into the weary web of winter

Hers is the heart that beats
           hers the lip of love
hers the shadow of a dream
           an invasive solitude
hers is the body of music
           at which my fingers clutch
and in my mouth
           a taste of ash
ocean air in my blood
           dilapidated life

John Lyons


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