That your body has been built
           cell by cell
fed on the food of light
           every fibre of your being
formed from a meticulous
           array of atoms
that every phrase
           or syllable you utter
is conceived in a mind
           made of mineral matter
that all the love you ever make
           results from a collusion of molecules
your hunger your thirst your desire
           all stem from variants
of carbon and oxygen
           that your spirit is
in its own way
           as solid as a rock
and far less ethereal
           than the air you breathe

I am the medium
           I am the journey of myself
I am the dawn to dusk of my life
           my cradle to the grave
the sum of all kisses given
           the sum of all kisses received
though I move beyond the circle
           it is my circumference
I am whatever roses
           my hands have held
I am whatever thorns
           have pierced my skin
I am the architect
           of my would-be paradise
I only ask you to join me
           in its construction

John Lyons


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