Last night you called

Last night you called

Last night you called and I’m sorry
           that I missed you
I was working all evening
           and wasn’t expecting a call
because mostly you don’t call
           when you’re away
though last night you did
           but I didn’t hear the phone
because my head was buried
           in my work : so much to do

and so I missed your call
           and I’m really sorry
because it would’ve been
           so nice to hear your voice
and to know what you’ve been up to
           and how you’re doing
and things like that but I’d no idea
           you’d call because
so often you don’t :
           so at the end of the evening
/really far too late/
           I was surprised when
I noticed I’d missed
           an unexpected call
from you
            — I’m so sorry

John Lyons

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