Cosmic economies

Cosmic economies

What wisdoms exist
           to fill the thin years
of false economies
           what prudence is there
to protect the body politic
           when all seems blotched and botched :
our dreams are not dysfunctional
           though our actual words and deeds
may well be so though it is a failure
           not of surfaces but of systems

We are all of consequence
           from the moment we take
our first gasp of air
            innocents all
scouring creation
           for a book of revelations
but we are all necessary journey
           and transformation
and our electrons will live forever
           within the hawk or sparrow
or the iridescent dragonfly
           that skims the shimmering
summer waters and transcend
           the dreary bond of time
that momentarily anchors
           our dust to the day

John Lyons

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