Oak forest

Oak forest

I remember when these oaks
             were planted
a tight cluster of eighty saplings
             a made-to-measure forest
or at least one in the making
             this was back then
when the road was widened
             to cope with the boom in traffic

I would cross these fields as a boy
             on my way to my first school
where I learnt to write
             with chalk on slate
The games I’d play
             the conkers and the marbles
and my pockets always bulging
             with victories
and I remember how I revelled
             in the simplicities of life
never dreaming that one day
             all my certainties would fall away

John Lyons

One thought on “Oak forest

  1. Love this poem , I was only reflecting a few days ago on the trees planted for the Queens silver Jubilee on Gravel Hill are now towering trees . So much of the fields we played in are now swallowed up by the A2 . Trees are the witnesses of all that has been … that is why I love them and hug regularly .


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