Absent sister

There are those who deny it Mary
           that our roots go back
to the stars
           the earth’s roots too
and that we grow out of it
           and that to return to it
is no shame
           neither is it a defeat
but part of a process

Yesterday they were telling stories
           of when you were a young girl
of your innocence and also
           of your love of life
and the strength of your sweet
           innocent personality
the ease with which
           you related to everyone
they were telling stories
           and we all laughed
and remembered you
           with such affection
and I thought that though
           you have gone down
into the earth
           you are still part of us
and that only a part of you
           has gone and even then
gone is not the right word
           since you are still here
in our hearts and in our minds
           and have nowhere else to go

John Lyons

One thought on “Absence

  1. It was lovely to share stories of Mary with you … and yes they were full of laughter and fun as was she . Lovely words JJ .


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