A rather awkward definition

A rather awkward definition

Love’s beauty
           is permission granted
the trust of one
           trusting another
each giving the gift
           of receiving
of words wishes
           speech and silence
in season
           the blood moon
aching in the sky
           the quickened pulse
that comes with the rise
           and fall of tides

love’s beauty
           a faithful truth
delineated for all time
           a sea that hugs the shore
intimate in its topography
           seductive in its detail
a site of turbulence
           and of calm all taken
in the rough and tumble
           of waves that break
on the shingle beach
           love that remains
and in so doing
           defies description

Love is to be known
           and seen and wanted
and needed and never
           to be relinquished
its warm breath
           an enticing touchstone
in its path lies the truth
           and beauty of one
and one
           made one

John Lyons


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