The beauty of love

The beauty of love

The beauty of love
           is in the permission
and in the trust
           that that implies
one trusting another
           holding and wanting
to be held
           speaking and wishing
to be spoken to
           disregarding the seasons
the blood moon
           the rise and fall of tides

Love’s beauty lies
           in its truth
in its faithfulness
           for all time
just as the sea
           hugs the shore
love is intimate
           in its topography
and in its detail :
           expect turbulence
and days of calm
           the rough and tumble
of waves on the shore
           love is all these things
and yet remains beyond

Know it when
           you feel it and see it
and want it and need it
           and never let it go
it is the breath’s touchstone
           the one true way for all
its beauty lies in the truth
           of its touch

John Lyons



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