The undone business

The undone business

As Charles said
           we learn the simplest things
           It’s undone business
           too late to complete
or no time
           for a second attempt

This time
           we say
I’ll get it right
           I’ll master the art
of living
           the trade and the trade-offs
I refer of course
           to matters of the heart

I’ve kept a checklist
           of my mistakes
of false assumptions
           or inaccurate evidence
promising myself that this time
           I’ll succeed
and not fail or fall
           for the same half-truths
or fantasies or illusions
           I’ll shoot straight
and hit my target
           my probing will go deeper
once bitten
this time I won’t shy away
           I say
my weather-eye will be fixed
           on the wind
as it winds its way across
           the wide waters

John Lyons




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