Winter bearings

Winter bearings

Winter of broken dreams
           so soon laid to rest
Dark clouds in from the east
           and snow shrouds the land
Seasoned lovers wrap up
           to keep warm
while youngsters skate
           on the frozen pond

Winter’s a way of life
           beneath blankets and heavy woollens
light fades and birds shiver
           in their nests

As a child I tried to read the flames
           that burned in the hearth
fiery tongues of red and gold
          as opaque as ever
that kept us alive
          through bitter months

All of that a world away now
           Each day brings new things
a new moon and fresh prospects
           and my pulse quickens
as December approaches
           Soon all manner of mysteries
may be revealed
           though for now I journey on
through mists and frost
           and haywire bearings
as I head for the place
           of my birth

John Lyons


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