Light sensitivities

getting there
Getting there, John Lyons (70 x 50 cm oil on canvas)

Light sensitivities

Yesterday glorious sunshine :
           my son and I sat in the garden
all afternoon and cooked chicken
           on the barbecue
I brought my canvas out briefly
           and laid it on a table
added some flourishes
           of greens and yellows and reds

At its heart
           the golden triangle is preserved
also the city skyline running
           along the bottom edge
This morning I noticed
           that as the paint is drying
some of the colours have dulled down
           where there was sunshine
the composition is a little overcast
           Outside it has just begun to rain
and I realise that my canvas
           is sensitive to the weather
I’m also aware that my best work
           was done when we were in love

John Lyons


It goes without saying that the photos accompanying these poems give an approximate representation. A professional photographer would be better able to capture the vibrancy of the colours.


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