Beauty is not fragile

Beauty is not fragile
it’s what persists
despite adversity
despite pain and loss

for example the rose
that returns season
after season its dignity
unabashed by icy storms

and as one year’s petals
wither and die new buds
are forming deep within
awaiting their moment

or the beauty of oaks
centuries old bastions
of ancient woodlands
and wide open meadows

custodians of time
and of the earth
and the eternal cycle
of life and death

John Lyons

What painting teaches

gate 4

What painting teaches us
that things can go wrong
that things can be put right
give it time – drying time

pay attention and listen
to what the canvas has to say
don’t be afraid to experiment
try out fresh colours or add

a few extra lines here and there
the medium has its own eloquence
try to see what is there to see
hiding in plain sight or

behind the closed door
think of it as furniture
that may be turned around
in room so that everything

eventually comes together
try to think inside and
outside of the frame
and never admit defeat

John Lyons

Eat your heart out

Acres of wild seagrass
       beneath turquoise waters
skirting the rugged shore
       and we are mineral beings
living literally off the fat
       of the land and the sea

we who are organically
       water and calcium and iron
and carbon and phosphorus
       and oxygen and nitrogen
and biochemically
       so much more – driven
by edible energies to love
       and be loved

John Lyons