Think of the earth

Think of the earth
as a body
out of which
all bodies arise

think of the earth
as the life of life
of the origin
of all species

think of the earth
as a space in which
all movements
are defined

the motion of words
as much as sparrows
of angels as much
as the easterly wind

think of the earth
as time and consequence
all rolled into one
in separable existence

think of the earth
as our home from home
as the ultimate
alma mater

think of the earth
of a place to love
and to be loved
or be damned

out of friable soil
the red rose
and the beauty
of poetry

John Lyons


Wisdom asks nothing more

Wisdom asks nothing more
that is to say
there is no want
no pressing need
that is to say
a silence of extraneous

the fox that knows nothing
of its reputation
for stealth and cunning
the rose ignorant
of its beauty or
the nightingale deaf
to its own song

poetry of the day
from sunrise to sunset
of breath and the untiring heart
of love that offers all
but makes no demands
that dwells content
in a realm beyond words
that knows instinctively
when to act and when
to demur and so demurs

John Lyons