Dawn breaks 
         to the idle chatter of birds
and in the distance
        the hum of traffic
slowly builds
        Life is on the move
once more

What challenges
        will it bring today ?
What fleeting pleasures ?

I have slept through
         the tired night
peaceful in my dust
        Bone by bone
life lays us all to rest
        Love is the only reprieve
the ruffled rose
        the dimpled beauty

We are the flesh of moans
        our bodies mindfully 
twisted in schemes of passion
        our defenceless dreams 
raised to the heavens
        Without love
life is shapeless
        a journey without

Our breath is
        our greatest possession
no stone or metal
        congealed can ever
measure up
        to the warm chafe
of skin on skin –
        we were born
for this

Dead leaves scurry across
        the conservatory roof
driven by an artless wind
        under an oyster-grey sky
In time we too will tumble
        scattered flakes of gold
turned into the damp soil

        on a drab winter’s day :
change is permanent
        all beauty migrates

Until then dear reader
        while we remain paused
on the threshold
        let us celebrate
the unerring pulse

John Lyons


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