This Quiet Dust

St Cross church, Oxford

This quiet dust

This quiet dust
           was gentlemen and ladies
was lives with ambitions
           and hopes and dreams
heard other robins
           sing upon other branches
fished in other streams
           and knew every shade of love

This quiet dust knew wars
           that were won and lost
territories gained
           and others surrendered
knew peace and the pleasures
           of community and common purpose

Here where the ivy has prospered
           the cypress casts a deeper shade
but names on the stone have weathered
           less well — some now well and truly
beyond reading
                      In this small space
a gathering of eras that have passed
           as all things pass on journeys unknown

That day the rain held off
           and the temperature was mild
winter blossom graced certain gardens
           in which roses were pruned to the bone
and as night fell lovers hurried home
                      to each other’s arms
through the narrow streets
           known to Donne and Dowland
to generations of poets and minstrels

Sweet stay a while why must you rise
           the light you see comes from your eyes
and Emily who mined her life for meaning
           lies too in her crib of dust
           to the broken wings of bees
and butterflies that litter the soil
                                           So make haste. . .

John Lyons


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