Constellations 2


Constellations 2

Once again that dark winter sky
           an ocean of stars
visible to the naked eye
           Walking beneath them
thoughts of eternity thicken
           We cannot live on bread alone
we need light
           everlasting light
to dream our golden dreams
           and in my dream I wake
hear the raucous chatter of foxes
           that have gathered
in a neighbour’s garden
           their shadows moving
beneath hedges or hopping
           over low wooden fences
to congregate – to be together
           celebrating the night
the hours during which
           they inherit the earth
and when all seems right
           with the world

Moon on the wane
           Andromeda where
she has always been
           She with her snow-white skin
her blue firmament eyes
           asleep in a bed far away
in some warm dreamy country
           On such a night I stumbled
many years ago and fell
            into the snares of love

John Lyons


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