Did she brush her hair
         or powder her nose
pencil her eyes
         apply blush
to her cheeks
         gloss her lips
then check her teeth
         dab sweet fragrance
behind both ears
         and on her wrists
did she cross her heart

did she straighten her skirt
         adjust her blouse
admire her shoes
         and blow a big kiss
to what she saw
         in the glass
before stepping out
         into the wide
world ?

Did she ?


Did she

brush hair
         powder nose
line eyes
         apply blush
gloss lips
         check teeth
dash scent
         behind ears
both wrists
         cross heart

straighten skirt
         adjust blouse
admire shoes
         blow kiss
back to the glass
         and step out
into the wicked
         wide world ?

John Lyons


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