In your eyes
       the speeding light
that captures
       colour and shape
and texture
       that interprets
the world around you
       in an instant
that selects and classifies
       that chooses to focus
or to ignore
       that can move the heart
to rapture or to dismay

In your eyes
       the fraternal light
of the stars
       the fierce pulse of light
that fires the world
       in every molecule
in every fibre
       the same soft sumptuous light
that configures the love-soaked rose
       that lies lightly upon your lips
that lightens your hair
       and fills the rounded contours
of your candescent flesh

Beauty is the norm
       ugliness the exception
and all the light that you absorb
       and all the light that you displace
will count towards your tally
       every lovesick sigh
and every gesture of affection
       will be weighed
for or against you

Remember this
       that you are light
and that unto light you shall return
       you are for an instant
its voice
       your actions
the articulation of its truth
       and your beauty
merely its final flourish

John Lyons



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