A confused love story

A confused love story

Did she hear
              and if she heard
did she understand
              and if she understood
did she care

Did she want
              or did she need
or did she know
              what she wanted
or know
              what she needed

did she feel
              what he felt
and if she did
              did she care

did she know
              what he needed
know what he wanted
              and did she care
at all

and if she knew
              what she wanted
and knew
              what he needed
and felt what
              he wanted
did she care
              if he cared
about her

Saturday Sunday
              above and below ground
a train by the market
              a museum platform 
eating for two
              come rain or come shine
be happy go lucky
              with a hug and kiss
all is forgiven

And so home to sleep
               perchance to

John Lyons

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