Second attempt

Second attempt

A watery moon
         seen through
the sultry eyes
         of a midnight
awash with
         dissolved light

All is bound to fade
         life being neither here
nor there
         and yet at hand
in my hand and by my side
         the moment
that passes unendingly
         between us
time rescued
         from the march of time
in the love we make

The tulip and the rose
         blooms of the self-defined
gold standard
         I am who I am
and in my kiss
         in my embrace
in my body
         merged with yours
I define my love
         that love that is
the subterfuge
         outwitting the dust
that love seen in your eyes
         heard in the whisper
on your lips
         felt in the breath
shared between you and I
          passing from lung to lung
felt too in the deep
         shudder of ecstasy

John Lyons


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