The garden

The garden

Days of lavender
         a new mown lawn
the bushes trimmed
         the earth turned in the flower beds
the peach tree heavy with fruit
         so too the pear and the bramley :
the centerpiece a bed of roses
         white and red and yellow petals
adoring the sun that made them

He sits on a wooden bench
         smoking a pipe
the smoke curling up
         above his head
: in silence he sits
         and admires his handiwork
A dragonfly darts back and forth
         over the surface of the pond
the constant chirrup of birds
         goes unheard lost as he is
in his thoughts and in his feelings

Where does love begin
         where does it end ?
The nurture of nature too
         is an act of love
a garden made of and with love
         love that is our Eden
our paradise

John Lyons

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