Sweet combustions

Sweet combustions

The ebb and flow of the days
              within the blind crucible
of endless space where so much
              pointless process prevails

the fume of fame
              of empty ambition
of energies expended
              on the trivia
of a star-glittered existence

Her lips beckon me
              she takes me into her arms
I see myself mirrored in her eyes
              flesh caresses flesh
soft-whispered words
              are exchanged
and the planets are realigned
              Wonderment as we explore
the labyrinths of our being
              the truths of our breath
the honesty of the passions
              folded within our breasts
a belfry of blood
              raised in celebration

time breaks over us
              beats at the lucid silence
in which we lie shrouded
              and all the earth shudders
rocks and stone and trees
              are in this moment
meaningless— so too
              the mighty river that sweeps
under the bridge
a prisoner to its own destiny

such is the power
              of love’s amaze
that soars above
              the old persuasions
my hand in hers
              as we scale the skies

John Lyons

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