Today’s poem was written by Kate Yorke James


What does it feel like to be a taker?
Stripping the moment of all fidelity
Corrupting trust while deranging truth.
How easy is it to sleep sweet dreams
And look forward to a new, bright day?

What does it feel like to have just your own heart to fondle
And slip your hand in your own empty spaces?
To toy with words of air and liquid promise
And the gluttony of hungerless indulgence
Feeding rootless wantings and vacant ways?

So sad that eyes like yours would drift
Into the rotten realms of self-provision,
Bruising – yes bruising the chocolate dreams of pleasure
To cast an irredeemable shadow on time spent
Only to leave a soured, distorted memory.

How does it feel to be a taker ?
How does it feel?
How does it?
How does?
Words words. . .vacuous, libidinous words. . .

Kate Yorke James


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