Being is

Being is

The life of being
         is purpose
is direction
         is hope and motive
is trial and error
         an opening of the appetite
for evermore life
         it is seed and green growth
a rising up
         from the winter ground
a summer bloom
         and autumn fruit
a body that burns to be
         that endures the onslaught
of desire and aches to achieve
         smoke against the pale sky
an array of infancies
         a parting of confusions
knowledge laid bare
         celebration of the tongue
that sets us apart

Blessed be the absolutes
         that rise above indifference
Blessed be the power
         of denunciation
Blessed be the lips
         upon which love lingers
that worship at the shrine
         of unblemished beauty
the thigh the breast the womb
         that shapes the soul of being

Blessed be the word
         that rises above petty vanities
that hungers for the precision
         of the rose of the gardenia
or the orchidean sense of truth
         the life of being stripped
to its illustrious essence

John Lyons



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