More considered

More considered

         the summer smoulders
the wheat harvested
         straw baled in the fields
On a narrow ridge
         horses shelter
under the shade of oak
         A crop of lavender extends
almost to the horizon
         Roses white and red—and pink
carnations and in the lake
         the lily pads and beneath them
the shifting shadows of carp

Time moves effortlessly
         through the green fuse
flowers in the petals
         wafts through the scented air
Time and love for a moment
         hand in hand
in the ease of the day
          For all things
there is a moment
         and there is a cusp
upon which that moment stalls
         until time pushes on
and the moment is lost
         for all time—the journey
is not the destination
         better to have loved
better to have sipped the wine
         to have broken bread
         better to have sheltered
in the innocence
         of each other’s arms

John Lyons


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