Hiding down by the River Cray

Hiding down by the river Cray

Here beneath the broadleaf canopy
gentle ripples of sunlight move across

the surface of the crystal clear stream
On the edge of the far bank a tiny sparrow

sits in a hollow dry earth bath throwing up
clouds of dust as its preens its feathers

while on the nearside a young coot cavorts
splashing up and down in the waters

quite oblivious to the world around it
A young carp drifts lazily into view

hugging the bank before it slips away
I hear the buzz of the dragonfly’s wings

but see only its shadow trailing behind it
On this hot mid-afternoon I wait in the hope

of catching a glimpse of the proud kingfisher
that on my last visit I saw with a tiny fish

freshly snatched dangling from its beak
But today watching and listening from the hide  

I have no such luck—and to myself I wonder
what eyes are upon me unknown and unseen

John Lyons



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