What is known

What is known

Say that it is she alone who matters
         she who moves through her day
with delicate passion and decision
         Say that she has known blue skies
and wide oceans and yet faced
         all the challenges
of a fragmented life and a love
          – perhaps more than one –
that turned to dust
         despite her truth
and despite her beauty

Say that in her inner strength
         she has much for which
to be thankful
         much to celebrate :
throughout phases of the moon
          the changes of the light
and the waywardness of seasons
         she has kept to her course
without flinching

She was born to be
         an enlightened rose
to enhance the freshness
         of green leaves and to stroll
to the sound of gulls
         across a sun-bleached Atlantic beach
with grace and dignity
         Say that she is laughter
and tenderness and that
         in her reflection
there is no shadow

Say that she is everywhere to him
         say that she is everything
and add that she has brought calm
         to a restless heart
that she has brought music
         and liberated unconscious permissions
Say that in his mind
         there are words for her
that he has yet to express
         words with which to reflect
the visible elements
         of her gentle soul

John Lyons


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