Birth day

Birth day

And so at dawn the rain falls
         and I hear the patter
as it beats
         against the window pane
watch as it collects
         into tiny irregular streams
and runs down the glass
         and finds its way
to the ground : and I know
         that the rain will return
time and time again
         an endless natural cycle
but not eternal
         because it’s not impossible
that conditions may change
         and so too
the nature of life circumstances
         may continuously alter

Take accidental love
         that is not present at the start
is not a thing in itself
         but is a process of being
or coming into being
         a love of one loyal to another
and to the creation
         of a common good
in a shared space
         but unlike a property
free of floor and ceiling
         that thrives nevertheless
on its own air
         a poetry inseparable
from its own inner constitution
         not owned but lived
a radiant simplicity
         a necessary love

John Lyons


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