Burning questions

Burning questions

So much that burns in us
           the insatiable thirst
for knowledge
           and for understanding
we are unresolved
with more questions
           than answers : and so
we look to the stars
           to their crisp frosty light
in the wintry sky
           to the origins of our life
of the energies
           that burn within us

This is the physician’s school
           and we are the wisdom
such as it may be
           of elements
built from time
           from the synthesis of light
restless minds groomed
           to investigate and to doubt
to challenge every assumption
           to interrogate the rose
and the nightingale
           and to dismiss the platitudes
of human history
           and yet we are the children
of unbridled desire
           for ever more life
and for ever more love
           a metaphysical transcendence
an incandescent eternity

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