Seasons of the heart

Seasons of the heart

How we move
           from life to life
in a constant state
           of flux and
from love to love
           over the years
but rarely discern
           the pattern
in our life trails
           our love trails
and mirrors fail us
being as they are
           merely windows
on our past
           our present past

These fragments
           are annotations to my life
written in the quest
           for understanding
of myself and
           of the world in which
I am immersed :
           as yet there is no whole
just me in parts
           me in moments
I wish only to breathe
           only to love and be loved
if only it were
           that simple

Though I take her
           by the hand
I do not know where
           she will lead me
Love is an act
           of vision
of life trails
           and of love trails
it is a heart
           at the end of exile
a welcome homecoming
           it is what we make it
if we allow ourselves
           the freedom

John Lyons


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