New year

New year

Winter seed
           that grows in silence
blooms in spring
           is radiant throughout
the summer months :
           nothing is wasted
the germ of beauty
           and life-sweetness
carefully stored
           coded into
our daily lives
            The good fortune
that we make
           lies within us
is awakened
           and activated
in the structures
           of our truth

if careless words
           cost lives
we need to be judicious 
            yet generous
in our affections
           be faithful
to the inbred impulse
           sorrow lies
in over-attachment
           to the past
but we are always
           better than that
our lives built
           from all that is
yet to come
           and to overcome

tear down the tinsel
           and take a new tune
into your head
           fresh roses
there in the wings
           ready to make
their appearance
           when the time is right

John Lyons


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