Love alone

 Love alone

Let the past
           be sealed
for all time :
           we who move
through the day
           into the night
know the odour
           of cedar wood
and the scent
           of fallen roses

Two blackbirds perched
           in a bare tree
that nobody saw
           their song unheard
but never in vain
           life is its own reward
and poetry the voice
           of our true nature
and as we celebrate
           we resist the overtures
of age and decay
           and all the deceits
of empty thrones
           and failed harvests
love alone the marvellous

Time will crush us
           if we allow it space
in our lives
           we must push on
into tomorrow
           fresh blossoms
fresh leaves
           a cleaner air
in the air
           the sun will ripen us
bring a fresh colour
           to our cheeks
there will be
           soft succulent
summer fruits
           and love will flourish
wherever we open
           our hearts

John Lyons


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