Wake to a world
           gripped by a hard frost
birdsong and the sound
           of dogs barking
just to keep warm :
           the simplicity of the sun
will soon melt the ice
           and with it the dark
unconscious shapes
           of the night will fade

the lover that lies within us
           will be emboldened
to venture forth once again
           into the imagined life
in which music is borne
           on the west wind
and in which the clear
           delineations of desire
will declare the soul
           to be free of betrayal

observe time’s notations
           the dignity of swans
on the silver waters
           buds about to burst forth
an early harvesting
           of materials to build nests
that longing for the first
           sight of daffodils
for the immaculate texts
           of nature to be refreshed

John Lyons


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