A world filtered

A world filtered

a world filtered
           through so many minds
a world expressed
           by so many tongues
an inflected beauty
           caught at moments
down the ages
           the rise and fall
of the wind
           rain or shine
the seasons
           that blow hot and cold
the face of the earth
           constantly renewed
a blackbird seen
           through a poet’s window
the long shadow
           of the once proud rose
put to the sword
           now drooping in the dust

           the thrust of time is felt
urging us on and holding us back
           the lucidity of its to and fro
the soft patter of seconds
           that whiles away our days
the frail tissue of memories
           all that we hold dear
all that we love
           all that we cannot live without
the beauty of a sunset
           that slips below the horizon
and at night the incandescence
           of Venus above a watery moon

Look then to a love
           that transcends it all
press her flesh to your flesh
           obliterating all but the moment
poetry is the sacrament of praise
           love her and praise her forever

John Lyons


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