None of your business

None of your business

Yes these days do occur
           blue skies and sunshine all the way
and me feeling good
           about life as we head
into spring and all the promise
           that summer days will bring

if you could peer beneath my skin
           you’d see that I’m full of hope
perhaps naively so but full
           nevertheless and for a change
I expect things to go my way
           that all the chaotic 
bits and pieces of my life 
           will finally fall into place

The dawn chorus
           is currently in full throttle
as I write these words
           and I think of the timeless
pleasures of pen and ink
           the technologies of composition
and the need to express :
           there is a kind of certainty
in birdsong and in all sorts
           of instinctive behaviour
and today I too feel certain
           about my feelings
about my hopes and fears
           for the future and how totally
I am at peace with my past
           If you were to ask me
am I in love I would say
           that’s none of your business
but I know how I feel
           and I hope you do too

John Lyons

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