Early morning musing

Early morning musing

The wind moving gently
           under the fresh green leaves
and in the air the song
           of a single bird

It’s early yet
           and you are still sleeping
while I write these words
           but there’s a warm glow
in the east from a sun
           about to rise
and I sense that the day
           our day
will be full of promise
           it doesn’t take much
to make a day
           these days :

yesterday it was a child
           borne on her mother’s back
barely six months old
           but she had piercing blue eyes
and was noticing everything
           around her until she saw me
and then she stopped and stared
           and in those eyes of hers
I could see the years and years
           of beauty that lay ahead of her
and the love and tenderness
           that she would undoubtedly inspire
and she just a young child
           on a train in a papoose

John Lyons


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