Summer thoughts

Summer thoughts

Remembering the dappled things
             in the day and how beautiful they are
how the light seeks them out
             to pronounce their beauty
and to proclaim that the soul
             is worn in so many places
not just in the heart or on the sleeve
             : today is not a day for sadness
though if it comes today I will
             embrace it and nurse it through
the dark hours until it fades

Pain passes as does sadness
             and the death of others
is not my death or your death though
             we are all a little diminished
nevertheless I’m happy to count
             my blessings
I have seen generations
             of red admirals and common
cabbages pass before me
             and have lost track of the number
of dragonflies I have seen and heard
             hovering over ponds and rivers

The sun is in my veins
             birdsong is in my ears
and soon she will be
             by my side or in my arms
and by then I will have shaved
             and rolled up the sleeves
of my shirt and be fully
             prepared to share the immediacy
of the moment
             that is my plan
although there is no real plan
             is there

John Lyons


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