The secret

The secret

You never know
             when you’re going
to discover something
             quite startling almost shocking
that takes your breath away
             and at first you can’t quite
believe it and when you
             finally do you wish
you’d never found out
             and you realize that
a little knowledge
             can be a dangerous thing
and that sometimes
             there is just too much
information and you could
             really do without it

but once the cat
             is out of the bag
it’s too late and you
             are stuck with it
and it can absolutely gnaw away
             at your brain until
you think perhaps
             you might go mad
if you don’t tell someone :
             well many years ago
something like that happened to me 
              would you believe
an accidental discovery
             that shocked me to the core
and I wish I could tell you
             I really do but I can’t

John Lyons


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