Each new day

Each new day

It’s a grey start to the day
             I just saw two crows disappear
behind the row of trees
             that can be seen from my window
and I wonder what they’re up to
             where they’re going with such
clear unwavering purpose
             —who knows

In the distance I hear a train
             and I know that I’ll soon
be out and travelling on one
             heading into town and
into the thick of the new day
             I look at the forecast
and it says that the sun
             will appear around ten
this morning and I’m pleased
              : it rained in the night
but the sun will fix everything
             it will cast the summer flowers
in a beautiful glowing light
             and bring a smile to the faces
out on the street
             Each new day is a challenge
but what can you do
             except make the most of it
for the time being
             it’s all you have

John Lyons


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