Process and discovery
       learning and adaptation
a lifetime spent
       never really knowing
who we are
       or who we were meant to be
using language as the principal
       tool of investigation
using feelings
       as the ultimate sounding board

How hard to know one’s self
        let alone another
let alone the otherness
        of those we love
Who is to say
       that we even occupy
the same time and space

I heard the whirring wings
       of a wasp around my head
around my hand
       that did not sting me
but provided in a sense
       a wakeup call as though
it had been a messenger
       from another plane or reality

Love lived on the lip
       trusting in the unknowable
desiring to be an intimate part
       of another being’s mystery
to make and share a body of love
       built up from fragments
of truth and beauty
       and pleasure and acceptance
of our own imperfections
       a union of purpose
intention at the heart of it
       the whisper of promissory words
that should be carved in stone
       for all time

John Lyons

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