All that the heart desires

All that the heart desires

Confess it : we’re in love
           with the simplicities that underlie
life’s complexities
           with the space a house makes
for us to occupy

and there’s a simplicity
           to every beauty to every rose
to every truth that we apprehend :
           power ambition wealth
do not speak to the heart
           and there’s only so much
a palate can enjoy

Material pleasures are short-lived
           and love outlasts them all
love —that warm dimension
           that unfolds within our lives
which we furnish
           with abiding affections

it’s there within that space
           that the true home is made
where the concern is for the good
           of others not just of the self

Human virtues against the grain
           of our possessions : soon enough
time will bury the Rolex

But loyalty fidelity honesty trust
           who wouldn’t give a kingdom for them
we’re here to defy the thorns
           the slings and arrows
to celebrate life’s beauty
           from the simplicity of our souls

John Lyons

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