Reading ready

Reading ready

A man is reading
           a novel to himself
out loud
           in the library :
he seems totally
in the story
           and oblivious
to everything
           around him

He’s about
           forty-five years old
casually dressed
trainers and
           a light jacket

He reads slowly
           but without
           over words

I remember the transition
           to silent reading
when I was at school
           a minor milestone
to be sure
           but I have to admire
this character sitting
           in Holborn public library
on a cold December afternoon
immersed in the joy
           of his fictional world

John Lyons

One thought on “Reading ready

  1. This totally captures the feeling of reading out loud vs. reading silently just because of social norms. I love reading when I am home alone, because by speaking I am immersing myself with even more senses into the story!


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